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Save us UltraViolet by Leslie Bell, Hibernation 2019

Projection experiment by Joe Kelly, Hibernation 2019

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The first Hibernation Project was a 12-week domestic intervention occurring every weekend from January – March 2019. Themes were developed by instigators Caitlind & Wayne, and proposed to participants as a means of stimulating thoughts and experiments. Participants were charged with interpreting each theme, and self-determining the amount of time and energy to invest, with the understanding that pressure would be low, audiences were intimate, and resources were in-kind only. The resulting works were generous and provocative, a reflection of each participant’s personal direction, interests, and practice.

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ARTISTS: Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett

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MIRRORING: things that reflect or repeat

ARTISTS: Caitlind r.c. Brown, Joe Kelly, Nikki Martens, and Wayne Garrett

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LEVITATION: things that rise, float, or fly

ARTISTS: Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett

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INCONSEQUENTIAL CONJURING: regular stuffs, magicked

ARTISTS: Lane Shordee, Matthew Kennedy & Mark Erickson, Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett

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FEASTING: a potluck for voracious mouths + minds, with an unexpected ending

ARTISTS + PARTICIPANTS: Alia Shahab, Breann Christie, Caitlind Brown & Wayne Garrett, Daniel Barossa, Elyse Bouvier, Eric Heitmann, Joanne MacDonald, Karolina Gawejska, Tom Brown & Others

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THE DARK THAT EATS ITSELF: the dark arts, art in the dark

ARTISTS: Eric Heitmann, Sage Wheeler & Sarah van Sloten, Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett

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INVISIBLE OBJECTS: non-physical art, sound, smells, readings, actions, and ideas

ARTISTS: Caitlind r.c. Brown, Jordan Baylon, Nikki Martens, Wayne Garrett, and Xstine Cook

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MULTI-EXPOSURE: pairs, twins, and seeing double

ARTISTS: Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett, Logan Lape, Noel Begin

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ISOLATION/INSULATION: things we make when we’re alone, warm, and separate

ARTISTS: Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett, Rikia Novotny

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DISILLUSIONING: shadows, light, disguises, and optical trickery

ARTISTS: Alia Shahab, Caitlind r.c. Brown, and Wayne Garrett

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COLOUR CODING: all the colours in the visible spectrum – and beyond!

ARTISTS: Elyse Bouvier, Caitlind r.c. Brown, Wayne Garrett, and Studio North, Jennifer Crighton, Kenzie Housego, and Leslie Bell

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FIRE GATHERING: sculptures made from wooden pallets + intended to burn burn burn and ring in the spring (with Matt in mind)

ARTISTS + PARTICIPANTS: Angela Dione, Breann Christie & Daniel Barossa, Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett, Christopher Polancec, Lane Shordee, Logan Lape (with help from Svea Ferguson), Matthew Kennedy & Mark Erickson, NASARIMBA (Mikhail Miller & Rachel Ziriada), and Tom Brown.

Kinetic fire sculpture by Logan Lape, Hibernation 2019

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