Week 2 of 12: Things that Reflect or Repeat

ARTISTS | Caitlind r.c. Brown, Joe Kelly, Nikki Martens, and Wayne Garrett

Using analog slide projectors, Joe Kelly projected doubled images of wildlife onto the exterior of the house. Vibrant and colourful, one set of images was reversed (projected backwards) to mirror the other. Joe overlapped images by hand, creating infini-creatures.


IMG_641602 Joe Moose

Caitlind r.c. Brown build Ampli-fire from mirrored acrylic, designed to magnify the experience of the bonfire.


Nikki Martens created mirror masks as Infinity Mirror Portals, designed for participatory actions. Viewers wore the masks while staring at each other, creating the illusion of an infinity hallway.



The first “public” Hibernation, friends were invited by word-of-mouth only, creating a small gathering around the fire together.

Copyright Statement - Hibernation Project

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