GRADIENTS: the inbetween, from one to another | Week 8 of 12.

THEME BY | Matthew Kennedy

ARTISTS | Svea Ferguson, Jayda Karsten, Matthew Kennedy, Phil Wilson, Caitlind Brown & Wayne Garrett

Last week, The Hibernation Project was offsite from the usual domestic space, in part because we Caitlind & Wayne were away from their house in Germany. Matthew Kennedy stepped up to the plate, offering the venue of The New Blank in Inglewood.


Along with a changing gradient of beers, Matthew Kennedy & Phil Wilson collaborated on a candle-lit gradient installation.


Jayda Karsten displayed a subtle gradient on canvas, “Gesso-Ombre,” almost indiscernible in photographs until you look closely.


Svea Ferguson added to her ongoing fridge illustration series, using her first offsite fridge.



A photos of Svea’s illustration on The New Blank fridge was later printed out, and taped to the original fridge alongside Svea’s other illustrations.

Phil Wilson taught DJ lessons, teaching folks how to build audio-gradients between songs.

Caitlind & Wayne participated from afar, making a gradient film. Video and sound compositions were created during the week between Hibernations, in transit between Canada and Germany, while literally in the gradient “inbetween, from one to another.”

Thanks to all the sweet pals who stopped by! Thank you to The New Blank for hosting, and to Matthew Kennedy, Phil Wilson, Mark Erickson, and Studio North for their help.

Photos by Matthew Kennedy & Phil Wilson.

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