Waking Thanks

The 2021 Hibernation Project is officially over!!!!! There are a few odds and ends left to tie up (like the final layer of ISOLATED BABEL and our postponed GATHER BY FIRE theme) but it’s time for a gargantuan list of Thank Yous!

The Hibernation Project 2021
Complete List of Participants

Infinite gratitude to these magical human beings!

Guest Themes by:
Jennifer Crighton (INSTRUCTIONS & RULES)
Khalid Omokanye (ISOLATED BABEL)
Matthew Waddell & Laura Anzola (DIGITAL TRASH)
Rebecca Reid (SMOKE & MIRRORS)

Thank you to these amazing artists, contributors, and participants from across Canada, the United States, and beyond!!! Whether you participated by making toboggans, sound art, installations, performances, videos, mail art, or more, you all made this Winter stranger & more awesome! Thank you!!!

Artists / Participants / Contributors:
Aiden Tan
Alex Felicitas
Alia Shahab
Andre Rodrigues
Anna Ostberg
Audrey Lane Cockett
Barb Drake
Brandon Dalmer
Brigid Catjoa
Caitlind r.c. Brown
Castle Souns (Patrick Whitten, Rebecca Reid, Rhys Masrani, Ryan Bourne)
Chris Foster
Chris Locke
Claire Coutts
Clare Duckett
Crystal Eyes
Damian Espinosa
Daniel Schaefer
David Ferris
David Kenney & Veronique Arseneau
DJ Kel & The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Drea Hunt & Ashlyah
Eliza Fernand
Eric Heitmann
Evangelos Lambrinoudis
Galina Shevchenko
Gary McMillan
Genevieve Pare
Greg Doble
Guy Gardner
Ian Keteku
Jack Bride
Jasmine Vickaryous & Jess Arcand
Jay Heule
Jenna Swift
Jennifer Ireland
Jett Thunders (and The Thunders Family)
Joanne MacDonald
Julia Gunst
Kamila Eltassi (with sled piloting by Jeremy Kuijer)
Kaunsel (Parker Thiessen)
Keith Rodger
Kenzie Housego
Khalid Omokanye
Kino Sum
Lane Shordee
Laura Reid & Clinton St. John
Lisa Hodgkinson & Stewart Elton
Logan Lape
Luba Diduch
Maggie Schaefer
Marie Sulkowski
Mark Erickson
Martha Zweifel
Matthew Kennedy
Matthew Waddell & Laura Anzola
Messages from the Stars (Rebecca Reid & Marie Sulkowski)
Michelle Murphy
Mike Hooves
Mike Tan
Nicole Wolf
Nikki Tambourine
Noel Begin
Nurgul Rodriguez
OAS (Owen Strasky)
Palm Reader (Kay Gallivan)
Phil Wilson
Rachel Ziriada
Rebecca Reid
Ryan Bourne
Sabrina Cannataro
Sarah Houle & Shane Ghostkeeper
Sarah Slaughter (with Melody Stang)
SCN Swampy Communications Network (featuring Amber PB, Eric Hill, Jeff Meldrum, Krystal Lewis, Neil Adams, Sean Dunham, and Teale Phelps Bondaroff)
Stewart Elton
Susan Clarahan
Suzen Statz
Svea Ferguson
Taryn Montgomery & Rich Larson
The Research Council (Rebecca Reid & Ryan Bourne)
Vicki Van Chau
Wayne Garrett
Who Cares? (Laura Reid & Jiajia Li)
WKO (Whitney Ota)
Zahra Shahab

Special thanks:
CJSW 90.9 fm, Jasmine Vickaryous, and Adam Kamis
All the support folks who made it possible for artists to participate
Mayor Nenshi for his Hiber National Gallery congratulations video
The artists who participated multiple times
Folks who participated from far away
Maggie for showing up to almost everything!
Logan > Eliza > Michelle > Galina
Friday Night Film Fraaaands
Our families ❤
The internet

To everyone who tuned in, stopped by, or got excited enough to temporarily shake their Winter stupor and hang out with us in abstract Hibernation space – Thank You!

“Pick Up Sticks,” a fire sculpture in honour of Matthew Mark

“A Fine Line,” a brief performance celebrating the end of The Hibernation Project 2021. Caitlind & Wayne repeatedly dipped a matchstick Coronavirus into hot embers, trying not to catch the wooden ball on fire, until it inevitably burned.

Thank You!

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