STORMING: busy, noisy, dense, and maximal

EARS HAVE EYES // Episode 8
Airing date: September 14, 2022
on CJSW 90.9 FM


Daria Baiocchi
Jessica Wittman
Lauren Wong
Richard Gallant (Curved Walls)
Dr. Tibor Donath

Hosted by Wayne Garrett & Caitlind Brown

Thanks to the participating artists and our friends at CJSW!

A storm can be literal or conceptual. In this Summer of profound environmental catastrophe, both interpretations held true at different moments. A storm is a breaking point, an eruptive moment of chaos, but it is usually long-brewing, perhaps even anticipated. Sometimes you can watch a storm come slide across the prairies all day long, see it forming in the distance and drawing ever nearer, until suddenly you’re inside it, and all you can do is weather the storm until it passes.

Thanks to the participating artists and our friends at CJSW!

Daria Baiocchi

Daria Baiocchi is Professor of Harmony and Music Analysis in Fermo Conservatorium, the speaker of the Radio Program FM 103,00-87,5-98,1 Mz (Italy-as volunteer) “Classical music and…”: new performers, contemporary music composers and sound design composers and is the Director of the Sound Art Museum Online in Ascoli Piceno.

Hyperloop is a sound art piece inspired by Elon Musk’s fast train. I manipulated different sounds that I recorded from sealed tubes and system of tubes with low air pressure. I decided to use “glissando” as a metaphor for speed. This work is composed by four parts: A-B-A’-B’. This macrostructural organization allowed me to think about it as an infinite loop. This work is dedicated to X Æ A-XII Musk.

Jessica Wittman

Jessica Wittman is an explorer and life-long learner. She has worked professionally as a photographer for many years, is a self-described ‘visual person’ and decided to embrace soundscape for a recent arts-based research project.

To Walk Along is the product of an arts-based research project I did on eco-grief, queer ecology and sustainability.  In the words of the artist:

“Where have you been? Where are you going? What is being left behind or carried forward along the journey? These are some of the questions one may consider as listening to the sound recording, to walk along. This sound performance explores eco-grief from the perspective of Earth. What would Earth playback as a celebration for human life?

This performance builds from my personal manifesto on sustainability communication, where I consider the perspective of eco grief and how the mourning process can be interwoven with sustainability and queer ecology. I refer to the grief of it all, and I believe we “need to build a community around our shared grief – we can’t hide it or ignore it; otherwise, we risk engaging with the destructive processes of toxic positivity or the empty platitudes of ignorance”. I want to explore where we go after we experience this shared grief, along with a reflection of the paths travelled. This six-minute audio presentation is edited from a 40-minute recording. It has been edited and layered on top of itself to represent the non-linear ways that Earth may record human interactions. Queer ecology asks us to look past anthropomorphism to embrace plurality and ambiguity over the binary and rigid. How might our interactions with the natural world be influenced or changed when we remove normative labels common to society?

This sound recording was taken during a singular walk on the lands of Treaty 7 territory, home of the Kainai, Piikani, Siksika, Tsuut’ina, Stoney-Nakoda Nations and Métis Nation Region 3. It was remixed and edited on the unceded and ancestral territory of sqilxʷ/syilx (Okanagan) peoples.”

Lauren Wong

Lauren Wong is a sound engineer who lives in Hong Kong and likes experimental sound.

Routine (as described in the artists own words):

“Definition of Music: 

– a pattern of sounds made by musical instruments, voices, or computers, or a combination of these, intended to give pleasure to people listening to it 
– sounds that are arranged in a way that is pleasant or exciting to listen to
– the art of arranging sound to create some combination of form, harmony, melody, rhythm or otherwise expressive content

This track is a mixture of my creations on MIDI music and some multitrack recordings from gigs which were mixed by me.”


NUM is a multidisciplinary duo formed by Maryam Sirvan and Milad Bagheri in 2010, in northern Iran. NUM’s concentration is on electroacoustic music and audiovisual performances where they can manipulate and transform natural materials (sound and image) with the help of digital processing. The duo moved to Calgary, Alberta, in late 2021.

Nothingness; Life, Nothingness was recorded and performed in Berlin in early 2020 as part of the CTM festival. The piece won the Radio Lab prize, which is a commission by CTM festival, The Wire magazine, and Deutschlandfunk Kultur radio. “Nothingness; Life, Nothingness “, which can be considered as an electroacoustic or sound art project, is a suite of three parts dedicated to the three stages of the time; past, present and future. The piece is a composition for electronics, voice, digitally manipulated audio samples, and field recordings.

Photo by John Alden.

Curved Walls (Richard Gallant)

Curved Walls is the solo project of Calgary based multi-instrumentalist session musician and Hermitess member Richard Gallant. Utilizing a diverse assortment of stringed instruments both ancient and modern, Gallant constructs rich sonic tapestries that contrast and build on the distinct timbral identities of his wide collection of traditional instruments. Expect to hear the medieval tones of the Hurdy Gurdy and Psaltery contrasted against ambient electronics and heavy electric guitar riffs, all blended together into intricately organized studio confections designed to delight the ear of the headphone aficionado. Boldly experimental, while still maintaining keen melodicism and meditative, harmonic grounding, Curved Walls takes the adventurous listener along on a rich and rewarding sonic excursion.

Harp12 started with the harp as a bass line, followed with bowed psaltery and hammered dulcimer. Hurdy gurdy and nylon string guitar were added to separate the piece into different parts.

Dr. Tibor Donath

Dr. Tibor Donath is a Hungarian sound artist, lawyer and journalist, founder of SynthXLoop Audio. Since 2020, his sound installations have been exhibited mainly in fine art exhibitions.

Fizzy Drink with a Boiler (in the words of the artist):

“I had a headache, I was upset. I had to take something. I took out a crystal glass and filled it with soda, and after a few minutes an Aspirin Forte, a magnesium and a calcium fizzy drink started singing in the glass. I sat down next to the old boiler and slowly, slowly sipped the drink and listened to the squeaky boiler chorus with the soda as the medicine and the effervescent tablets danced in the darkness.”

Thank you to the artists & listeners! Special thanks to CJSW.

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