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cardboard architecture

Theme by Mark Erickson & Matthew Kennedy of Studio North

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Cardboard is a miraculous building material, especially in the hands of artists and architects! Existing in the interspace between an architectural exercise and a sculptural intervention, HOUSE OF CARDS invited participants to construct their dream fort, sculpture, or micro-architecture out of cardboard inside Caitlind & Wayne’s house in Ramsay.


Christina Milinusic
Clare M. Duckett, James Jensen, Louisa Jensen & Kaili Jensen
Kari Brawn & Gary McMillan
Khalid Omokanye & Maud Salvi
Mary Mazurek
Monica Ila
Studio North (Mark Erickson, Hayden Pattulo, Damon Hayes Couture)
Tiff Polancec
Caitlind Brown

Special thanks to Rich Larson & his brother-in-law for their hands and treats, to Monica for Cupcakes, and to Stash Lounge in Inglewood for cardboard boxes!!

Team Duckett/Jensen’s box fort in the sun porch – a piece by Clare M. Duckett, James Jensen, Louisa Jensen & Kaili Jensen.

Kari Brawn & Gary McMillan’s creature in the basement (the base sculpture for an exhibition at nvrlnd coming up in a week or two).

Khalid Omokanye & Maud Salvi’s site-responsive wall-viewing device. New framing mechanisms!

Team Studio North’s architectural intervention in the living room. Designed by Mark Erickson, Hayden Pattulo, and Damon Hayes Couture, this “infinite hallway” created cavities and dead-ends, expanding the physical feeling of the space in a bizarre and at times creepy way.

Tiff Polancec built a hockey glove from a vacuum cleaner box. Interactive!

Christina Milinusic and Mary Mazurek each built tiny architecture – one for the cats, the other for some hypothetical tiny creature (mice? Paper dolls? Fairies? Snakes? Who knows.)

Monica Ila designed a geometric box fort in the basement – the perfect place to each a yummy picnic lunch!

Caitlind Brown designed a Kitty Cat Cat-thedral for cats and kids alike!

Thanks to everyone who participated and attended HOUSE OF CARDS!

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