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digital performances from the comfort of your own home(body)

Theme by Audrey Lane Cockett

Tuesday, April 4

What does it mean to be a homebody, especially in the wintertime? Many animals retract into their nests and dens, puffing out their feathers, hibernating, healing, or finally breaking into their stash of carefully collected snacks – and humans are no different.

For those of us who find prolonged domestic time rich with creative possibilities and/or the manic need to make something, anything, these cold days and long nights at home can be filled with productive daydreams, bizarre projects, obsessive crafting, home recording, or the external expression of inside thoughts. HOMEBODIES invites participating artists to share their home-born projects through the medium of performance or video, beamed out across the internet into the homes of viewers near and far.


Ana Phylactic (Kiki Barua)
Audrey Lane Cockett
Becca McDonald
Clare M. Duckett & Eeeeeernie!
Ian Ward
Jonathan Dowdall
Monica Ila & her Yeti!
Phantom Orchid
Ryan Bourne & Rebecca Reid
Salome Says (Toni Hiatt)
Caitlind Brown & Wayne Garrett

HOMEBODIES was brought to you by:



ERNIE EATING SNACKS (like a good boy)

Thanks to Clare Duckett & Ernie for being the bestest good boys and sharing their special home-skillz with us! You’ll see more of their sponsorship videos sprinkled below.

Our only online theme of 2023, HOMEBODIES was hosted by Caitlind Brown & Audrey Lane Cockett, with behind the scenes assistance from Wayne Garrett.

The evening featured participants and viewers from across timezones and placezones, joining us for an evening of performative oddities and multimedia delights.

Thanks to all the buds who tuned in!

Ana Phylactic (a.k.a. Kiki Barua) took us on a make-up adventure, teaching us “5 Easy Steps to Being A Normal Human Girl.” Now we, too, can be the tip of the nip!

Becca McDonald shared a video where “Jo Stays Home” and accomplishes what feels like, objectively, the perfect amount of doin’, nappin’, cuddlin’, tea-drinkin’, and outdoor playin’.

And now a word from our sponsors…!

Ian Ward joined us for a live performance from the bathroom of a hotel in Penticton. He graced is with a delicious assortment of acoustically wonderful toilet tunes!

Jonathan Dowdall shared a delightfully bizarre spoken word performance describing where & what Home is______________.

Halfway through the evening, we stopped for a brief session of Arts & Crafts, specifically for Homebodies!

Monica Ila brought us on a tantalizing Choose-Your-Own-Adventure House Tour, introducing us to an assortment of puppets and her Yeti(s) along the way!

We had the pleasure of screening a brand new music video by PHANTOM ORCHID on its day of release!

Rebecca Reid & Ryan Bourne screened a series of vids shot in the Castle house they occupied for several years, mostly released under the band name HAIR CONTROL.

Salome Says (a.k.a. Toni Hiatt) shared a looping performance from the comfort of her own bedroom, collaborating with her child and cat!

Audrey Lane Cockett debuted a brand new tune called HOMEBODY, written at home and recorded in their opulent bathroom (complete with bathtub keyboard, shower bass, and percussion using the toilet seat, sink, and lamps). Satisfaction guaranteed!

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