The Hibernation Project 2020

| Week 1 of 12.

ARTISTS | Logan Lape, Svea Ferguson, Caitlind Brown, Wayne Garrett.

Hindsight is 2020, as they say, and so our first theme for the upcoming marathon of weekly Hibernation Projects was HINDSIGHT: looking back to look forward.

In case you’re new to this blog, The Hibernation Project is a domestic art intervention occurring weekly from Winter to Spring. A tool for embracing – and combating – Winter in Canada, each weekend an open community of artists, musicians, and participants respond to a theme, installing work in and around a house for the duration of one night. Intended as a gratifying, productive, and immediate experience, artworks are free from the pressure of bureaucracy and perfection. The Hibernation Project is a gestation period for concepts, for workshopping ideas, for snowy day projects, for the dreams of we who wake to sleep.


Logan built a sign from found fence materials reading “EVERY WHERE ENDS.” This became the signpost for the week, perhaps for our times.

Svea began a weekly fridge-mounted illustration project, depicting exactly what highsight evokes for many. Perhaps there will be t-shirts.


Wayne installed a voyeuristic sound installation, recording ambient sound and dialogue from the kitchen, and looping recordings “live” in the basement. Viewers sat on the couch or floor and watched the speaker like a television set.

Caitlind built “Hindsight Devices” (ie. backwards periscopes that flipped imagery upside-down when you wore them), and an accompanying upside-down video projection.


Upside-down vision

Initially installed in the yard, low temperatures created technical difficulties, and the projection/devices were moved into the living room.



Thanks to all the sweet friends who braved the cold weather to hang out with us for the first week of The Hibernation Project. Week one, complete. Only 11 more to go!
Up next week, SYNESTHESIA: tricksy sensory stimuli. For a full list of themes, see here.


Copyright Statement - Hibernation Project

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