SYNESTHESIA: tricksy sensory stimuli | Week 2 of 12.

ARTISTS | Svea Ferguson, Eric Heitmann, Laura Reid, Matthew Kennedy, Caitlind Brown, Wayne Garrett.

For week 2 of The Hibernation Project (2020), Svea Ferguson continued her Hibernation fridge series with a new illustration, “Brocco-eyes.”


Matthew Kennedy played with sensory stimuli using levelling lasers and a smoke machine to create ghost architecture in the hallway.


Viewers were invited to stand in the middle of the installation, surrounded by smoky surfaces as if green walls were closing in around them.


Wayne Garrett & Caitlind Brown made a living room installation/game, “Synaesthetics,” exploring the precision of the relationship between sound + colour. Laura Reid, Eric Heitmann, and Wayne Garrett prepared improvised performances, intending to capture auditory colours on the violin, synth/keyboard, and pedal steel respectively.


Can you guess what colour Laura is playing on her violin?

Listeners guessed the colour being played by placing a glass chip on the colour wheel after the performance. The experiment was intended to map whether synaesthetics can be communicated from one person to another.

Can you guess what colour Eric is playing on his synth/keyboard?


Thanks to the amazing participants and the folks who were able to join us on a mega-busy weekend in Calgary!



Copyright Statement - Hibernation Project

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