FROZEN TOGETHER: water, cold, snowsuits| Week 6 of 12.

THEME BY | Noel Begin

ARTISTS | Noel Begin, Mark Erickson, Svea Ferguson, Jenna Swift, Caitlind Brown & Wayne Garrett

We’re already halfway through this year’s Hibernation Project! An eternity and a flash. Suggested by Noel Begin, the theme FROZEN TOGETHER fell, by sheer coincidence, on a beautiful Chinook weekend in Calgary. Some icy plans were foiled, but the weather caused artists to stretch in interpreting the theme, to reach for new definitions of “frozen.”


Noel Begin created an immersive projection installation in the basement, engulfing viewers in swirling light snow, reminiscent of television static or swarming insects.

Tickling the eyes and wrapping the skin, the installation felt like being caught in a flurry of light.

Jenna Swift made an archival multi-part installation, drawing from the materiality of telephones (at times literally frozen) and expanding into other narrative possibilities.

The installation featured telephones in various states of deconstruction, right down to the bells (like little bowls) filled with raw materials. Some telephone receivers were filled with the scent of sage, juniper, and tree sap. Others were submerged in water outside.
Unfolding in interior and exterior spaces, Jenna’s installation expanded with time and attention to detail.

Objects revealed their (former) function only upon inspection: lightning rods, telescopes, broken binoculars, dried mushrooms, copper in various states, stopped clocks, goose wings, and much much more, all implicating a larger frozen narrative, hinted at for the viewer, but understood clearly by author alone.

Mark Erickson invited participants to bring small objects to “freeze” in wax and plaster.
Many participants cast body bits – a warm and wet, then hard and visceral experience.
Mark’s castings are part of an ongoing process intended for an experimental installation next week at THE NIGHT SEA JOURNEY.
Svea Ferguson made a new illustration for her rapidly expanding fridge series. The drawing on the bottom right depicts this week’s theme, FROZEN TOGETHER, as only Svea could capture…


Caitlind Brown & Wayne Garrett sewed themselves together/apart, using thread from last week’s gold + silver net.
02 - Caitlind Wayne Performance Instagram
Tentatively titled “together/apart-ness or whatever,” the performance drew from the seasonal intensity of cohabitation and relationship tensions.



They used thrift store sweaters/toques and the shimmering thread to sew themselves together… from a distance.

At the end of the performance, they leaned back, putting their weight into the threads.


Thanks to all this week’s participants and visitors! Special thanks to Matthew Kennedy, Phil Wilson, Nikki Tambourine, and everyone else who grabbed the camera to snap photos.
Up next week: Elaine Weryshko’s theme, THE NIGHT SEA JOURNEY.
Copyright Statement - Hibernation Project

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