ISOLATED BABEL: a socially distanced collaboration spanning the 12-week duration of The Hibernation Project is a Hibernation theme by Calgary-based artist and professor, Khalid Omokanye. Each week a different artist created a new layer of the tower, collaborating blindly with the previous week’s artist(s) to slowly build a sculpture in our backyard. At the completion of the project, the tower will be destroyed.

This blog post was updated weekly at ISOLATED BABEL was built, tracking the entire project from start to end (January to April 2021).


WEEK 1: Khalid Omokanye
WEEK 2: Guy Gardner
WEEK 3: Wayne Garrett
WEEK 4: Lane Shordee
WEEK 5: Svea Ferguson & Logan Lape
WEEK 6: Lisa Hodgkinson & Stewart Elton
WEEK 6.5: Jenna Swift
WEEK 7: Matthew Kennedy, Mark Erickson, and Phil Wilson
WEEK 8: Rebecca Reid & Ryan Bourne
WEEK 9: Anna Ostberg, Caitlind Brown, and Kenzie Housego
WEEK 10: Joanne MacDonald
WEEK 11: Sarah Slaughter
WEEK 12: Alia Shahab & Genevieve Pare

An interview with Khalid for The Hibernation Station

Week 1 of 12

Artist: Khalid Omokanye

ISOLATED BABEL lead artist, Khalid Omokanye, setting the foundations for the tower
Foundation layer of ISOLATED BABEL

Week 2 of 12

Artist: Guy Gardner

ISOLATED BABEL second artist, Guy Gardner

Week 3 of 12

Artist: Wayne Garrett

ISOLATED BABEL third artist, Wayne Garrett

Week 4 of 12

Artist: Lane Shordee

ISOLATED BABEL fourth artist, Lane Shordee

Week 5 of 12

Artists: Svea Ferguson & Logan Lape

ISOLATED BABEL fifth artists, Logan Lape & Svea Ferguson

Week 6 of 12

Artists: Lisa Hodgkinson & Stewart Elton

Week 6.5 of 12

Artist: Jenna Swift

A found contribution from artist Jenna Swift

Week 7 of 12

Artists: Matthew Kennedy, Mark Erickson, and Phil Wilson

ISOLATED BABEL seventh artists, Matthew Kennedy, Mark Erickson, and Phil Wilson

Week 8 of 12

Artists: Rebecca Reid & Ryan Bourne

ISOLATED BABEL eighth artists, Rebecca Reid & Ryan Bourne

Week 9 of 12

Artists: Anna Ostberg, Caitlind Brown, and Kenzie Housego

Week 10 of 12

Artist: Joanne MacDonald

Week 11 of 12:

Artist: Sarah Slaughter, with assistance from Melody Stang

ISOLATED BABEL eleventh artist, Sarah Slaughter, and her assistant Melody Stang

Week 12 of 12:

Artists: Alia Shahab & Genevieve Pare

Final ISOLATED BABEL artists, Alia Shahab & Genevieve Pare

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