Return of The Hibernation Station

THE HIBERNATION STATION: public access (internet) TV from our house(s) to yours! | Week 1 of 12

Saturday, January 23, 2021. Theme by Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett


Eliza Fernand
Greg Doble
Ian Keteku
Jack Bride
Jett Thunders
Khalid Omokanye
Kino Sum (with thanks to Guillaume Carlier & Gillian McKercher)
Mike Hooves
Palm Reader (Kay Gallivan)
Sabrina Cannataro
SCN Swampy Communications Network (featuring Neil Adams, Sean Dunham, Eric Hill, Krystal Lewis, Jeff Meldrum, Amber PB, and Teale Phelps Bondaroff)

LIVE! From our house(s) to yours!

We kicked off this year’s Hibernation Project with the return of The Hibernation Station – back by popular demand to a computer near YOU! Viewers tuned in via Zoom to watch our answer to public access television: live performances, video art, infomercials, political comedy, mini documentaries, news and weather together. Unhindered by geography, participating artists were based across North America (Calgary, Victoria, Toronto, Montreal, Grand Rapids, and beyond!) Thank you to all the artists who participated, and all the viewers who attended!

For your viewing pleasure, this blog includes most of the videos and performances from Saturday’s Hibernation Station. Enjoy the show!

The Underground Weather Report by Jack Bride
Live in the Backyard w. Khalid Omokanye

Khalid Omokanye introducing his ongoing project, ISOLATED BABEL, spanning the entire 12-week duration of The Hibernation Project. For more about that project, check out this blog as it unfolds weekly.

A preview of the weekly Hibernation Project themes by Wayne Garrett
Just one of the NATR-XXX infomercials from Eliza Fernand
A trip to Jett Thunder’s mythical basement for the Seven Minute Mystery Box: Episode 1
Some background on the recent political campaign that led to SCN Swampy Communications Network’s recent broadcast
Segment 1 from SCN Swampy Communications Network, reporting on T.A.B.’s first months as Mayor of Willow Island
A short film from cinematic team Kino Sum
A documentary by Kino Sum, sharing the radical sounds of DRI HIEV
Film still from Taste of It, a short by Sabrina Cannataro
Another NATR-XXX infomercial from Eliza Fernand
Segment 2 from SCN Swampy Communications Network: discussing Dr. Honk Gooserman with political pundit Murky Mandrake
A return to Jett Thunders’ basement for the Seven Minute Mystery Box: Episode 1
A short, but sweet, animation by Mike Hooves
MOIST, from the mind of Greg Doble
A collaborative spoken word/animation by Greg Doble & Ian Keteku
Basic Goodness by Palm Reader (Kay Gallivan)
Dipping our toes into the static void with a final segment from Jack Bride

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