Vero Arseneau, flying her kite. Photo by David Kenney

AIRBORNE: homemade kites, crafted apart and flown together | Week 7 of 12

Saturday, March 13, 2021


Barb Drake
Caitlind Brown
Chad Saunders & Family
David Kenney & Veronique Arseneau
Logan Lape
Maggie Schaefer
Noel Begin
Stewart Elton

Special assistance thanks to Phil, Svea, Daniel, Lisa, and all the kids!

Vero making a kite in the Kite Making Workshop. Photo care of David Kenney

In an attempt to restore connotations of delight to the word “airborne,” this theme invited participants to make a fly a kite. Unfortunately, the weather was not particularly windy, but the view was spectacular and the company was good. Experimental kites abounded!

Barb Drake’s kite, constructed from sewn packaging materials

Kite-flying kids!

The Thunders Family kite flying

Vero Arseneau & David Kenney with their paper kite

Wayne Garrett and his kite, “There Goes the Neighbourhood.”

Noel Begin’s kite, made from excess building materials

Logan Lape’s concept kite, make from a 3-person tent

Maggie Schaefer’s kite, repurposing the watermelon costume she made for CAR SHOW

Stewart Elton’s kite, made from a poster of the Bluenose

Caitlind Brown’s kite, “Eye on the Sky”

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