SMOKE & MIRRORS: a touchless carnival of the unconscious | Week 8 of 12

Saturday, March 20, 2021


Martha Zweifel
Marie Sulkowski
Rebecca Reid
Ryan Bourne
Susan Clarahan
Wayne Garrett
+ crossover with ISOLATED BABEL’s latest additions by Anna Ostberg, Caitlind Brown & Kenzie Housego

THEME BY: Rebecca Reid

A spinning pinwheel optical illusion by Rebecca Reid & Ryan Bourne

The first Hibernation Project theme taking place in our backyard (an oversized rental lot and the origin of the project), SMOKE & MIRRORS invited 10 audience members at a time to participate in a gently ritualistic encounter.

A series of installations by Rebecca Reid & Ryan Bourne

Each visitor was gifted a small iridescent pouch of bay leaves for burning as wishes, stones for releasing as burdens, and candles in colours indicating different desires or draws.

Gifts given by Rebecca Reid
Friends releasing stones into Rebecca Reid & Ryan Bourne’s installation

Marie Sulkowski, remixing the CERB hold music

A familiar soundscape greeted our visitors; Marie Sulkowski, remixing the CERB hold music. A love letter to anyone who has sat waiting for information about the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (and the musician who unwittingly provided the soundtrack to this experience), Marie’s installation remixed an unpleasant necessity into a magical soundscape. She intends to send her remix to “Captain Trudeau” at the first available opportunity.

Susan Clarahan sent an aromatic installation from Toronto, filled with Rocky Mountain Pitch, Frankincense, and Myrrh, lit hour by hour to sparkle and smoke into the night.

Despite heavy winds, Susan’s contributions twinkled long past sunset, bathing each group of spectators in sweet and scented smoke.

Nestled in the sun porch (away from the maddening wind), Martha Zweifel’s Dream Machine called through the screens and glass to visitors outside, offering a hallucinatory spinning emersion.

In an overlap with the ongoing ISOLATED BABEL collaboration, Anna Ostberg, Caitlind Brown, and Kenzie Housego shared their contribution to the socially distanced sculpture – a large glittering sail. You can read more about all the artists behind this collaboration here.

Thank you to all the artists and audiences who participated in SMOKE & MIRRORS. It was so nice to see friends and meet new acquaintances in the backyard!

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