The Hibernation Station 3!

THE HIBERNATION STATION: public access TV from our house(s) to yours! | Week 1 of 11

Saturday, January 15, 2022. Theme by Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett


Eric Hill & Jeff Meldrum
Ingrid Vargas, featuring The Velveteins
Jennifer Crighton
Jett Thunders
Kino Sum, featuring Melted Mirror
Lollipop! (Jessica Wittman)
Migueltzinta Solís
Natasha Jensen
Patrick Hamilton & Fiona McTaggart
Sarah Smalik & Jamie Tea
SCN Swampy Communications Network (Amber PB, Sean Dunham, and Teale Phelps Bondaroff)
Who Cares? (Jiajia Li & Laura Reid)
Yes Nice & Old Saw (Thanks to Nathaniel Wong)
Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett

Your Hibernation Station Hosts, Wayne Garrett & Caitlind Brown
Intro to the 3rd Hibernation Station

To kick off the 4th Annual Hibernation Project, we brought back audience favourite The Hibernation Station for a 3rd edition of televisual weirdness! Featuring an evening of artist-made Zoom-television in the spirit of public access TV, contributors broadcast from houses across the continent, from such exotic locations as Calgary, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Whitehorse, Regina, Penticton, Victoria, Toronto, and LA! The evening began with an intro video featured audience-submitted cellphone videos of “Fun Times” from the last year, as determined by YOU!

For the first time ever, our program was funded by an illustrious sponsor: HARMLESS EXPLOSIONS! And now, a word from our sponsor…

The Hibernation Station Sponsor!

The program kicked off with Swamp to Table, a hit cooking show from our sister network in Regina: SCN Swampy Communications Network!

Swamp to Table host Meredith Bogess with guest star Slima Garden of Webfoot Contessa

SCN’s Hit Program, Swamp to Table

Next up, live from Penticton, BC was Lolli Pop-Pop’s One-Star Quiz Show, featuring returning superstar host and Hibernation Station alumni Lollipop!


Guests joined Lollipop on her program to answer a series of trivia questions, matching anonymous One Star reviews to their corresponding subject – with help from our incomparable Hibernation Station audience!

Cut to, Jennifer Crighton’s Bake-Along! A different flavour than SCN’s cooking show, Jenn guided participants through the process of baking savoury scones (IRL). With helpful tips and kitchen magic, Jenn helped viewers make their own television snacks – pairing well with televised slime recipes from the Swamp!

Jennifer Crighton’s Bake-Along!

At this point, it was time to regroup with a commercial break and an assortment of Alberta-made music videos and animation – starting with Edmonton band Yes Nice!

Yes Nice music video by Old Saw
Natasha Jensen’s animation “Sugartown”

Locally based artist Natasha Jensen shared her handmade animation, Sugartown, before Calgarian filmmaker Ingrid Vargas screened Cosmic Saturation – a new music video for The Velveteins.

Ingrid Vargas’ music video for The Velveteins

After our video break, we visited local legend, “failed politician,” and memorabilia archivist Jett Thunders in a segment called Return to the Basement!

After exploring oddities and Calgary mementos in Jett’s Basement, we returned to our sister station Swampy Communications Network – where drama was unfolding!

Our return to Swamp to Table was a hard-hitting segment, welcoming famed Political Pundit Dr. Murky Mandrake to respond to a recent murder — that of Dr. Honk Gooserman, Senate hopeful and crispy grilled goose.

From SCN, we travelled to our correspondents in Whitehorse for online sports segment, Ultimate Kijiji Warrior Variety Hour!

Ultimate Kijiji Warrior Variety House Co-Hosts Chip Mini-Bopkids McGrip III & Bobbi Starr

After our successful voyage across the muscle-filled indoor-welding seas of Kijiji, we took a break for more artist-made video and televisual projects, starting with local filmmaking cooperative Kino Sum’s video for Calgary band, Melted Mirror.

A music video for Melted Mirror by Kino Sum
Film still from Sarak Smalik & Jamie Tea’s Hollywood Angels

Sarah Smalik shared her unreleased multi-part video work, Hollywood Angels, followed by Migueltzinta Solis’ performance video reel from his Masters Thesis, Landscape is My Sir.

Lethbridge artist Migueltzinta Solis’ performance documentation video, Landscape is My Sir
Screening Landscape is My Sir by Migueltzinta Solis

Completing a trifecta of video works looking at landscape through (in-turn) psychedelic/religious, queer/kink, and feminist/scientific lenses, we screened Natasha Jensen’s video The Love of Plants.

Natasha Jensen’s video The Love of Plants

The final video piece (before our nightcap) was a musical performance by Who Cares? – Calgary and Toronto based experimental classical duo, Jiajia Li & Laura Reid – featuring the vocal styling of Kam the dog!

Meditation by Who Cares?

After a brief commercial break, we returned for our final program of the evening – a live Director’s Commentary of Shit Fireplace, an ongoing winter series by Regina-based artists Eric Hill & Jeff Meldrum. Tune in, if you dare, to the entire hour of $hit-hot shenanigans!

Shit Fireplace by Eric Hill & Jeff Meldrum

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to The Hibernation Station!!! Special thanks to our marvelous participating artists, and to our sponsor, HARMLESS EXPLOSIONS.

Want to know what’s coming up next? You’re in luck!

A preview of the upcoming Hibernation Project themes!

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