SLIPPERY-ER SLOPE: public access TV from our house(s) to yours! | Week 3 of 11

Saturday, January 29, 2022. Theme by Mike Tan


Aiden Tan
Audrey Lane Cockett
Caitlind Brown
Chad & Edward Saunders
Daniel Schaefer
Desiree Nault
Maggie Schaefer
Mike Tan
Sasha & Carter White
Wayne Garrett

Also featuring excellent sledding by Sloane & The Bristowe-Turners, Mark, Maria & Phil, John, Lauren, & Elise, Khalid & Maud, Diane & her sister, and more! 

Wayne Garrett with his KatSki and the crowd forming to watch homemade tobogganers!

Back by popular demand, participants joined us at Royal Sunalta Park for a socially distanced sledding extravaganza on toboggans they constructed themselves!

Check out last year’s homemade toboggans here.

Mike Tan serving up homemade Vegan hot chocolate and showing off his sleeper moves on a Magic Carpet sled from last year

Maggie Schaefer and her stately tennis-bag sled and head-piece

Various folks ride Desiree Nault’s tippy teacup sled!

Dan Schaefer’s homemade GT Racer! Every run a success until the final race – wipeout!! Luckily, only bruises were sustained and Dan is a-okay!


Chad & Edward Saunders on one of their many homemade and found sleds!

Aiden Tan with his penguin toboggan

Wayne Garrett on his KatSki sled!

Sasha & Carter White’s homemade car toboggan

Caitlind Brown’s homemade Saddledome Sled!

Cool Cats and One Cool Dog!

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