CLEAR FOR TAKE-OFF: a carnival of paper planes, tricks, stunts, and flying high| Week 7 of 11

February 25, 2022. Theme by Chad “Jett Thunders” Saunders


All participants were artists, all artists were participants. We didn’t know everyone who showed up, so we’re airing on the side of anonymity. Thanks to everyone who joined us at Ramsay Rink, and to the Ramsay Community Association.

The pilot has just switched on the fasten seatbelts sign. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

A personal invitation from Jett Thunders

A guest theme from the infamous imagination of Jett Thunders, participants were invited to make paper airplanes and land them in a cardboard airport, guided by an Air Traffic Controller from the tower.

Ground Crew occasionally removed the wreckage from the runway of the P(aper) A(irplane) X(change) Airport.

Visitors were directed to the emergency exits, offered a complimentary in-flight refreshment, and a moist towelette. 

Maggie Schaefer with her “Peace Planes,” made in response to the air raids on the Ukraine, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen the week before the event.

Thanks to all the folks who flew Jett’s Way Airlines!

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