All the Thank Yous!

We’ve reached the end of The Hibernation Project 2022!

Thank you to the artists and participants who joined us on this wild adventure! This year, we once again navigated the shifting waters of a global pandemic to facilitate 11 Hibernation Project events spanning digital space, tobogganing hills, radio waves, hockey rinks, community centres, and our backyard. We started our spinoff Sound Art radio program, EARS HAVE EYES (which will continue to air monthly on CJSW 90.9 fm for the rest of the year). Participating artists joined us from near and far, sharing video work, sculptures, installations, sound art, performances, drawings, ideas, and conversation. Guest themes were facilitated by rad artists and friends. Thank you to everyone who joined us, and especially the participants who shared their work!

The Hibernation Project 2022 Participants

Guest Themes:

Mike Tan (SLIPPERY-ER SLOPE: homemade toboggans)
Maggie Schaefer
(SNOWDOWN: snow sculptures)
Jett Thunders
(CLEAR FOR TAKE-OFF: paper planes)
Desiree Nault
(FIRST TOUCH: a slow dance)

Artists & Contributors:

Aiden Tan
Audrey Lane Cockett
Bruce & Liv Barton
Caitlind Brown
Clare Duckett
Dale Meyer, Veronica Murphy & Sadie Meyer
Daniel Schaefer
Desiree Nault
Edward Saunders
Elaine Weryshko
Eric Heitmann
Eric Hill & Jeff Meldrum
Fiona McTaggart & Patrick Hamilton
Ingrid Vargas, featuring The Velveteins
Jamie Tognazzini
Jennifer Crighton
Jett Thunders
Joanne MacDonald
Kamila Eltassi
Kat Dornian
Kino Sum, featuring Melted Mirror
Logan Lape
Lollipop! (Jessica Wittman)
Maggie Schaefer
Matt Masters & The Burgener Bunch
Migueltzinta Solís
Mike Tan
Natasha Jensen
Noel Begin & Jennifer Ireland
Rebecca Reid
Ryan Bourne
Sarah Houle
Sarah Smalik
Sasha & Carter White
SCN Swampy Communications Network (Amber PB, Sean Dunham, and Teale Phelps Bondaroff)
Shyra DeSouza, Suri & Lincoln
Susan Clarahan
Tiff Polancec
Travis Miller
Wayne Garrett
Who Cares? (Jiajia Li & Laura Reid)
Yes Nice & Old Saw

EARS HAVE EYES // Sound Artists

Alexandra Spence
Annie Dunning
Audrey Lane Cockett
Bert Crowfoot, featuring the voice of Elder Mary Thomas
Chris Dadge
Chris Reimer & Nikki Reimer
Christina Milinusic
Curved Walls (Richard Gallant)
Derek Haussecker
Hair Control (Rebecca Reid & Ryan Bourne)
jamilah malika abu-bakare
Jean-Paul Perrotte
John Abram
Lesick vs. Woulg
Lodgepole Kind
Noel Begin
Reiko Yamada & Artur Majewski
Robin Minard
Rosina Skulsky & Caitlind Brown
Rucyl Frison
Tawni Bias
Tunnel (Jen Reimer & Magnus Tiessenhausen)
Wihtikow ᐃᐧᐦᑎᑯᐤ

Above: just a few EARS HAVE EYES participants

SNOWDOWN Time-Capsule // Participants

(Organized by Maggie Schaefer)

Audrey Lane Cockett
Autumn Whiteway (Stories of Ecology)
Ben Jacques
Caitlind Brown
Carla Coma
Chad Veinot
Daniel Schaefer
Erin Green
Gary McMillan
Jack Bride
Jennifer Ireland
Jessica Semenoff
Lisa Brawn
Maggie Schaefer
Michelle Ku
Nick Johnson
Nicole Wolf
Rebecca Reid
Ryan Statz
Sarah Slaughter
Tom Brown
Wayne Garrett

Special Thanks to CJSW (especially Lily, Tyra, and Adam), Ryan McNally, Vicki Van Chau, The Calgary Bridge Centre, Stash (esp. Dale Meyer & Veronica Murphy), Emma Justine & Russell Hendrix, our parents, our awesome neighbours, our Zoomer pals! and all the unnamed participants – the dancers, bakers, airplane makers, viewers, listeners, quiet supporters, and anyone who helped the artists with their work. Thank you!

This project is organized by Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett in Calgary/Mohkinstsis, beginning in the yard of our rental house and expanding outward into public parks, radio waves, community centres, and other interstitial semi-public spaces. The Hibernation Project wouldn’t be possible without the help and participation of our friends. Thanks pals!

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