Week 7 of 11: a carnival of paper planes, tricks, stunts, and flying high

All participants were artists in this bizarre and delightful happening, so instead of naming artists, we're airing on the side of anonymity. Thanks to all the folks who traveled Jett's Way Airlines!

FIRST TOUCH: a slow dance| Week 10 of 11

April 15, 2022. Theme by Desiree Nault.

Clare Duckett
Eric Heitmann
Ryan Bourne
Travis Miller
Wayne Garrett

Ryan McNally

Desiree Nault

Desiree Nault
Caitlind Brown

The Calgary Bridge Centre, Vicki Van Chau, and all the dancers!

Featuring a live “High School Band,” this springtime social invited participants to sway beneath the disco ball in a romantic community centre slow dance party!

The evening began with movement games and performance art exercises, intended to loosen participants and invite them into the slow dance as a performative space.

After the movements, the “High School Band” took to the “stage” with a series of slow dance jams, learned just for the occasion.

The “High School Band” featuring (left to right) Travis Miller, Clare Duckett, Ryan Bourne, Eric Heitmann, and Wayne Garrett

Dancers were invited to wear Social Distancing Dance Prosthetics (made by Desiree Nault & Caitlind Brown) as slow jams filled the community centre, taking participants on a ride through sentiment, nostalgia, and novel delights.

FIRST TOUCH was the type of middle school-era dance party where you drink all the punch, eat a box of oreos, wiggle your body with friends, and are home before 1 o’clock, glowing with sugar and satisfaction. We had a wonderful time, and we hope everyone else did too.

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