Week 11 of 12: all the colours in the visible spectrum – and beyond!

ARTISTS | Elyse Bouvier, Caitlind r.c. Brown, Wayne Garrett, and Studio North, Jennifer Crighton, Kenzie Housego, and Leslie Bell.

Jennifer Crighton conceived and cooked PINKnic Dinner, a feast of pink foods made from scratch. Her second colour-coded feast, the dinner featured an array of culinary delights. Jenn sculpture the event with an eye on authentically pink ingredients (no food colouring allowed) and invited guests to wear pink clothing.



Elyse Bouvier used an analog slide projector and coloured gels to create concentrated gradients of colour, shooting portraits in the wash. Each person photographed was invited to choose their colour combination.


Above: a selection of Colour Portraits by Elyse Bouvier @elysebouvier

Kenzie Housego installed a multimedia wall artwork, using feminine imagery and a touch-screen locked to SnapChat to discuss the femme relationship with changing technologies.

Caitlind r.c. Brown, Wayne Garrett, and Studio North showed a domestic version of their pre-existing machine, Device for Summoning Rainbows. This artwork is a prototype for a larger public artwork called LIGHT KEEPER, soon-to-be installed at Aitken Place Park in Toronto as part of the revitalization of Waterfront Toronto.


Leslie Bell orchestrated an ultraviolet performance in the basement, called Save us UltraViolet: ACT 1, The Conjuring.” Witchy figures, clad in homemade velvet cloaks, conjured violet and the moon in an installation of animations and cut-outs. The moon was live-projected from a telephoto camera outside.




Copyright Statement - Hibernation Project

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