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GUILTY PLEASURES: coping mechanisms for eternal winters| Week 3 of 12.

ARTISTS | Svea Ferguson, Kasia Koralewska & Gina Veres, Matthew Kennedy, Caitlind Brown, Wayne Garrett, and many more participants in the Guilty Pleasures “Potluck”

For the third week of The Hibernation Project, we hosted a weird “potluck” and invited participants to bring a Guilty Pleasure to show + tell + taste (if applicable).

In addition to domestic art installations, people delighted in everything from layer dips, huge quantities of junk food, mulled wine, space cheese, Gray’s Anatomy, to eavesdropping devices, shirtlessness, gregarious gifts, magazine collages … and beyond!


Kasia Koralewska & Gina Veres made a beautiful, humid, plant-filled living room Jungle – complete with hand dyed and screen-printed pillows. We were invited to hang out and play board games, pretending collectively to be in another climate far away from winter.


Matthew Kennedy built a sun S.A.D. lamp, which glowed across the jungle with orange majesty as the actual sun descended.

Svea Ferguson contributed a new drawing to her Hibernation fridge series, drawing from the theme of Guilty Pleasures.


Wayne Garrett made a DIY wailing guitar experience in the basement called Things Sure Get Complicated Sometimes, watched over by a melancholy, motorbike-riding Hulk Hogan.


Caitlind Brown made a Sleep Forever Station, inviting folks to enter a cozy indoor tent sprinkles with stars, and snooze to the sound of crickets and thunderstorms.

It was a RIDICULOUSLY fun week. Thanks to this week’s GUILTY PLEASURES artists + participants! 🍕🌟💖☀️ What a treat.


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