STAGED: objects in performance| Week 4 of 12.

THEME BY | Logan Lape.

ARTISTS | Svea Ferguson, Logan Lape, Caitlind Brown, and Wayne Garrett.

We’re already one-third of the way through The Hibernation Project! Last weekend was our first guest theme, proposed by local artist Logan Lape.


Logan built and installed three artworks in the yard: “Stage Fright” seating for those wishing to disengage while inversely becoming the focal point, a high chair built from a bright red plastic seat mounted atop a ladder, and a wall-mounted flag made from chain link fencing.


Overt, conceptual, and political, Logan’s works playfully indicate a pressing need for participation.




Wayne Garrett installed a mannequin performing the fantastical frozen act of skiing behind a lawnmower, wearing a red snowsuit, life preserver, and cowboy hat.

The piece was flanked by construction flagging (almost like a slalom course) inscribed with words like “buy! buy! buy!” and “NEW!” A jokesy gesture referencing sales dioramas, everyone kept mistaking the mannequin for Wayne.


Caitlind Brown built 6 pedestals holding books at different levels of elevation, each speaking to different forms of Enlightenment (from art history to religion). Titled “How Enlightening,” each book was lifted by an orange balloon as physical wordplay on the subject.


As winter winds popped balloons and snow threatened to engulf library books, the artwork spoke to the fallacy of self-professed enlightened thinking 🎈(All CPL books are now safe and dry).


Svea Ferguson continued her Hibernation fridge series, interpreting STAGED through the wise guise of wise guys.

Thanks to all the pals who braved the blizzard to see the art, hang out around the bonfire, and drink hot chocolate with us 🧡

Copyright Statement - Hibernation Project

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