Kamila Eltassi’s sled, piloted by Jeremy Kuijer. Photo by Allison Seto
The crash! Photo by Nikki Tambourine

SLIPPERY SLOPE: build your own toboggans and tobogganing race| Week 2 of 12

Saturday, January 30, 2021. Theme by Mike Tan.

Aiden Tan
Andre Rodrigues
Brigid Catjoa
Caitlind Brown
Clare Duckett
Daniel Schaefer
Drea Hunt & Ashlyah
Genevieve Pare
Kamila Eltassi (piloted by Jeremy Kuijer)
Khalid Omokanye
Lane Shordee (with wheelbarrow assistance c/o Nikki Tambourine)
Logan Lape (with “Chairstream” kudos to Svea Ferguson)
Maggie Schaefer
Matthew Mark & Mark Erickson
Mike Tan
Wayne Garrett

Thanks to our finish line assistant Chad Saunders for score keeping and safety monitoring. Blog photos by Allison Seto, Caitlind Brown, and Nikki Tambourine.

Mike & Aiden Tan on tobogganing day!

For the second theme of this year’s Hibernation Project, Mike Tan suggested a tobogganing race with homemade sleds – a safe(ish) and socially distanced activity where we could spread across a public park and feel the rush of speed together! We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect day, or a lovelier bunch of folks. Thank you to everyone who participated, as sledders or observers.

A perfect afternoon for tobogganing
The final fate of Khalid’s toboggan. Photo by Nikki Tambourine
Caitlind’s Magic Carpet
Logan’s Chairstream
Brigid Catjoa with their laundry basket sled
Aiden & Mike’s sled, emulating Link’s shield
Wayne’s pallet sled
View from the top of the hill. Photo by Allison Seto
Maggie, slip sliding down the hill
Daniel racing his cooler, wearing a beer costume. Photo by Nikki Tambourine
Clare racing on her sled “Ex-Boyfriend’s Backpack”
Drea Hunt & Andre Rodrigues toboggan. Photo by Allison Seto
Matt & Mark’s ice saucers!
Ice saucer break up! Photo by Allison Seto
Wayne, winding up for a fresh race. Photo by Allison Seto
Grand finale! Photo by Allison Seto
Final race!
After the races

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