Themes of Hibernation 2023!

Mini-Hibernation Project

The Hibernation Project is back!!!!!! Because we’ve been gradually spreading out events over the course of the entire year (have you tuned in to our monthly sound art radio program? Did you visit our car show?) we’ve decided to conserve some much needed wintertime energy and program a short run of Hibernation events this year. It’s gonna be a load of fun, collaboration, and creative satisfaction, so we hope you’ll join us – as an artist or attendee!

Take a sec to brush up on our magical mandate, and then peruse our themes below and let us know if you’d like to participate!

Cover image: Logan Lape’s “Warming” box at The Hibernation Project 2022.

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return of build-your-own toboggans!

Theme by Mike Tan

Sledding Day: Sunday, March 5, 2023 // 2 – 4 pm
Location: The tobogganing hill behind Ramsay School

The return of the much-anticipated annual event where you build-your-own toboggans and we all go sledding together!! Every year, someone shows up with the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen used as a toboggan (giant cat? tennis bag? mini-Saddledome? old macbook pro?) and some of these weird things slide real well. Bring your helmets, thermos, snow pants, and special activity snacks, and join us for an afternoon of belly laughs and tomfoolery on the sledding hill!!

This one is a bit dangerous, so you’re sledding at your own risk. But we’ll try to take good care of each other to make it a less risky and more fun time. ‘Kay? ‘Kay.

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environments of sound

Theme by Caitlind Brown & Wayne Garrett

Artist deadline: Saturday, February 25
Airing: Wednesday, March 8 // 8 pm MST
Location: CJSW 90.9 FM radio!

For the March episode of EARS HAVE EYES, we’re seeking sound art, experimental music, spoken word, and field recordings from the lush interspace between ecology & sound. Whether documenting literal environments of sound, sharing commentaries about ecosystems in crisis, exploring echo as a spatial medium & material, or unfolding the acoustics of delicate flora & fauna, artists are invited to submit their sound-based works to a max. of 10 minutes in length. The final hour of curated works will air on CJSW 90.9 FM, award-winning campus & community radio in Calgary/Mohkinstsis as part of our monthly sound art radio program.

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cardboard architecture

Theme by Mark Erickson & Matthew Kennedy (Studio North)

Building Day: Saturday, March 18 // 2 – 8 pm
Visiting Day & Indoor Picnic: Sunday, March 19 // 11 am – 3 pm
Location: Caitlind & Wayne’s House

Cardboard is a miraculous building material, especially in the hands of artists and architects! Existing in the interspace between an architectural exercise and a sculptural intervention, HOUSE OF CARDS invites participants to construct their dream fort, sculpture, or micro-architecture out of cardboard inside Caitlind & Wayne’s house in Ramsay. Want to make a precarious cardboard bridge across the living room? An ornate tunnel through the basement? Life-sized 3D portraits of your entire family in the sun porch? The sky’s the limit! We’ll help source cardboard boxes for your building pleasure, and you can bring your best ideas.

Just want to visit the final cardboard projects? You’re invited to bring a bagged lunch for a picnic inside the cardboard forts on Sunday, March 19 at Noon!

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digital performances from the comfort of your own home(body)

Theme by Audrey Lane Cockett

Tune in: Saturday, March 25 // 8 – 10 pm
Location: Online!

What does it mean to be a homebody, especially in the wintertime? Many animals retract into their nests and dens, puffing out their feathers, hibernating, healing, or finally breaking into their stash of carefully collected snacks – and humans are no different. For those of us who find prolonged domestic time rich with creative possibilities and/or the manic need to make something, anything, these cold days and long nights at home can be filled with productive daydreams, bizarre projects, obsessive crafting, home recording, or the external expression of inside thoughts. HOMEBODIES invites participating artists to share their home-born projects through the medium of performance or video, beamed out across the internet into the homes of viewers near and far.

Jamie Tea’s sculpture from Hibernation 2022

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a backyard ritual sculpture burn

Theme for our friend Matthew Mark, who loved art, fire, and a little bit of wildness

Fire Night: Saturday, April 8, 2023 // 9 pm until late
Location: Caitlind & Wayne’s Yard

Every year, we host a sculpture burn in fiery tribute to our late, great friend and fellow artist Matthew Mark Bourree. Participants are invited to make sculptures out of wood or cardboard, burned in a communal ritual calling for Spring. Hearkening to primal relationships, GATHER BY FIRE was named for an artwork by Sarah Smalik & Matthew Mark, and speaks to the great and mystical magnetism of people towards light, heat, and each other.

Want to make a fire sculpture? This theme is for anyone, regardless of whether or not you knew Matt.

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hidden beneath the winter sheath, released by thaw of Spring

Theme by Caitlind Brown & Wayne Garrett

Artist deadline: Wednesday, March 29
Airing: Wednesday, April 12 // 8 pm MST
Location: CJSW 90.9 FM radio

April is usually the month when Winter begins to break in Calgary/Mohkinstsis. Every year we wait for the warm winds to blow away the cold, and the first green buds to break through the thawing ground. With the April episode of EARS HAVE EYES, we invite sound artists, experimental musicians, spoken word poets, and field recordists to respond to ideas around transformation or reveal. Whether literally sharing sounds from the first vibrant burst of Spring, compositions that radically shift halfway through to divulge new understandings, or abstract projects relating to radical revelations, this month invites you to consider what it means to transform in the sunlight – perhaps like a flowers perhaps like a vampire.

As always, we’ll prioritize new sound art created specifically for the show. Let us know if you’re keen and we’ll hold some space/time for you!

Self-identifying Glama Gramas dancing at Frog Fest, Photo by Mike Tan

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a brief & bright excuse to boogie in the middle of the day

Theme by Ashley Bristowe & Dana Corkey

Dance Day: Saturday, May 27 // time TBA
Location: TBC! Check back real soon…

For old ladies of any age or gender expression, we are delighted to expand beyond the clutches of Winter to present a short & sweet body-shaking extravaganza in the Springtime!! More details about this Old Ladies Dance Party are forthcoming, so check back again real soon!

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